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HANDSOME the owner of Black Eagle Clothing

It was just always signs it was just always something holding me back and making me feel like I wanted to do more I remember the first outfit I thought of wasn't even created yet and somebody gave me money cause they believed in my idea and wanted to support already then I found out  my mom was from Arkansas were they love eagles a strange coincidence but very satisfying there was always something about a eagle even as a child as well as a adult I've slept with them over my head without really realizing it something my mother pointed out to me on my journey inspired by nipsy hussle to never stop hustling I've come up with this idea if I can create this idea of the black man or woman flying high reaching height un imaginable and express that to the world no matter how cool I was rapping wasn't me and i gave up football a long time ago but this was it I finally a way to never stop hustling and get that message out to my community that you can fly high that you can reach heights that you cant see a BLACK EAGLE reaches 10,000 feet in altitude reaching heights were he only can be seen by other eagles he don't hang out with pigeons or any other type of bird complaining about how they gone get through the day no he about his business and that's why I chose a suitcase to place at the bottom of his feet hes fearless and powerful thats why hes hovering over the suitcase and with the title black eagle circling the bird in a continuing motion symbolizing to keep going and never stop hustling i have found a way to bring to life my message as well as vison of the black man or women as well as any other race excelling being entrapaneurs in a world of hate  my clothing will represent a form of peace power business and faith because you have to believe before you can receive anything hope yall enjoy all the fly clothes and messages i will be sending through my clothing and dont forget to fly high like a BLACK EAGLE

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